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Your Premium Membership includes the following items and services

  1. Premium Members Guide: The guide takes you all the way through the learning process of important things such as; why you have cancer, how to stop it, how to keep it from returning, sustaining a healthy body afterwards, what your PH is telling you, proper eating, how to determine what products you should take to effectively stop your cancer, where to obtain your products for low costs and premium potency, and much, much more. All content was carefully put together for an easy read and understanding  
  2. PH Test Kit: A free kit will be mailed to you.  
  3. Full 60  90 Day Money Back Guarantee: No hassles or uncomfortable questions with our Iron Clad Guarantee. 
  4. Bonus 1: Exclusive Wholesale Products - A password protected wholesale site for all of your alternative products. 
  5. Bonus 2: Cancer Screening And Coaching - Free telephone cancer screening interview with on-going followups through the healing process with a qualified cancer coach. 
  6. Bonus 3: Nutrition & Diet Guide - A guide to a healthier you. Follow these proven techniques for maximum effectiveness; good & bad carbs, protein, good and bad fat, glycemic index, and much more. 
  7. Bonus 4: Lifestyles & Health Guide. A health guide that covers area like exercise, stress, sleep, lifestyle recommendations, and more.    
  8. More Coming Soon!  

Attention To those in
China, India, and Nigeria

Premium memberships are not available in these countries due to unusual import restriction pertaining to imports from U.S. businesses, which reduces benefits stated in the Premium Members Guide and our website. .

If you are from one of these countries, here is a workaround you may consider.

Products & Personal Screening:
If you reside in one of these countries, product orders must be shipped to a U.S. address.

Premium Membership:
Must be purchased using a U.S. issued card to a U.S. address.