Answer To Cancer


Lung Cancer

Most cancers are handled the same except brain and lung cancer. The fancy medical words they use for cancer is generally meant to refer to the location of the cancer. Some names include the cancer behavior.

Cancer is cancer. If treated conventionally, the norm is surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation. Sometimes you get the full package deal.

So lets talk about the differences in the way we approach brain and lung as opposed to other cancers.

With the natural approach, as cancer cell began to die off, we want to eliminate those dead cancer cells and associated matter by effectively flushing them out of the body. These two areas are the slowest to clear out. Therefore, we suggest a lighter protocol so the immune system produces a slower process. 

Other than the above, it will be handled the same as other cancers. If you have already had one or more of the normal conventional treatments, your immune system has been breached and is probably in great need of assistance. We can help!

There are many factors involved in determining the protocol. Some of these are:

  • Stage of Cancer
  • Type of cancer (only applicable for lung and brain cancers) 
  • Your immune systems condition at the time of cancer detection
  • Your immune systems condition now
  • Male or Female
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Body PH
  • General health
  • Other existing illness'     

All Premium Members are given a selectable protocol chart that takes part of this into consideration. In addition to cover all the bases members are provided with a cancer screening interview. Together, this will double check the protocol to assure maximum benefit. Please see Premium Membership page for details.