Answer To Cancer


Conventional Cancer Treatment
The Cut, Burn, & Poison Solution

Conventional means are expensive, excessively time consuming, painful,
and can dramatically narrow your life span. It destroys your health by
killing your immune systems.

The truth is that when you take the full treatment of conventional cancer medicines, doctors know how it dramatically reduces your systems natural ability to fight off disease.

All this time they hope that the treatment or side effects such as

pneumonia don't kill you before the treatment can make it's pass through
your body and your immune system can regain to an adequate level.

If you are wondering why such a medical practice could be in force (and enforced) where doctors are suppose to use their medical education and compassion to ensure the use of recommendations and procedures that are trustworthy so the patient can rest assured that they are receiving the best treatment available could be so flawed. The answer is power and money which override the patients outcome.

A doctors oath is to diagnose and treat!
Not heal and cure!

Many are not aware of a doctors oath. One would think and expect that they would be taught to heal and cure. Of course that is not in line with modern medicine.

This leaves a lot of legal loopholes that keeps them void of most responsibilities in their 'practice'.

A doctors license can be taken away any time the AMA has reasonable cause. Doctors do agree to abide by the 'medical laws' regardless of what they may contain. These laws run for the duration of their licensing.

An area that place doctors under scrutiny is opposing big pharma. Do you understand what I just said - why would big pharma have anything to do with directing a doctor.

Well, let me put it like this. It's a chain of power and money.

  • The doctor is controlled by the AMA 
  • The AMA is controlled by the power and money of big pharma 
  • Big pharma is in bed with the FTC 
  • Big pharma controls US Congress by telling them what is necessary in order to get their way..... 

And you can figure out the rest.

However, most doctors ARE compassionate and do care about the outcome of their patients health. It is sad that their hands are tied to do many things they KNOW would benefit the patient more, but can't discuss it.

The above states primary reasons why we are losing doctors at alarming rates. They are, in many cases being forced to look the other way while patients die just to profit big pharma.

All of this is legally edified because 'conventional medicine' is labled as the acceptable approach to your health  ,  regardless of the situation.

Since a natural product cannot be patented, it is therefore not recognized by big pharma because it is not a money maker and void of any creditable research.

Have you ever heard a percentage (considering all conventional cancer treatments and all cancer patients) for those being cured of cancer and living for 5 years? That depends on who you ask. the real number is 2% to 4% total treatments. Then there are the reports that claim ridiculously high numbers. The ones that report such high percentages are attempting to mislead us by working the numbers with fancy math or have focused on a certain treatment.

Most all polls state that the patient has a single digit chance of recovery and living for five years taking all three conventional treatments into consideration by combining them. 

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