Answer To Cancer


My Brother's Throat Cancer

In 1994, my brother began noticing a small bump on his neck. As time passed the bump grew so did the pain.

About two months later he set a doctor appointment. When the doctor looked at it, he quickly said, "that looks like a tumor. We need to find out if it is as soon as possible. If it is malignant we should can begin treatment as soon as possible."

When the results came back is when his life turned upside down. Conventional treatments did not have any effect on the tumor and finally they sent him home to die. 

I Used So-Called Cancer Healing Products

I had heard of alternative approaches but had no clue where to start looking. By the time I had gathered some information and tried a few products that didn't work at all or had minimal positive effects, my brother was gone.

When my brother passed away I experienced a deep hurt that quickly turned to anger. You see, I knew by this time that big pharma and the FDA were responsible for doing their best at keeping any natural alternatives hushed up. It is all about money and power. THAT'S ALL!

I'm glad you're here today so I can help you!