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You are at the right place if you have a concern about cancer. Regardless if you are looking to prevent cancer, already have it, or want to assure no recurrence.

Those 3 bad words...

For the millions of men, women and children that have been diagnosed with cancer in the past, the words that no one ever wants to hear is, "You have cancer." The news is frightening and often devastating. The response is reasonable knowing that your life will probable soon come to an end only after you are cut by a scalpel, poisoned with chemotherapy, or nuked with radiation, or all the above. Your life is now upside down.

Doctors NEVER want you to know what you are realistically up against. Once you start conventional treatments it is most often a nightmare. If myself or any of my loved ones had cancer, I would much rather for them to die peacefully than to experience the torture of conventional cancer treatments if no other choices existed.

The reason is logical - The math is simple

Do you know that scientific studies claim a success rate of combined conventional cancer treatments of less than 4%.  

I have been seeing this figure for years, reported by doctors of medicine, so this is not a pie in the sky figure. I don't know what your odds are with Russian Roulette but I know it has to be higher.

I have seen many of my friends and relatives die of cancer. I honestly can't think of a one that took only conventional treatments and lived 5 years.

I do know how many of you feel. My brother died of throat cancer years ago. He was my best friend. That is why you are reading this. My years of research has brought me to this point of no return. I wanted to find a cure for him more than anything in this world but the choices were few and I didn't know where to look. 

I did find the 'Answer To Cancer' but it was too late. At one point, when he went in to the VA for radiation treatment, he passed out on the floor and stayed there for hours before anyone came out to assist him. I'm sure none of us would treat ANY animal like that.

A Reminder Here - A Doctors oath is not to heal but to diagnose and treat

We are losing many of the good, honest, compassionate doctors in the medical field. Guess why they are choosing to leave their conventional medical practice? That question shouldn't be hard. The numbers speak for themselves. They have chosen a more practical approach in many areas of medicine. It's called NATURAL APPROACH.

If conventional methods are so bad, why are they permitted to continue? 

So many people are playing games with their lives using conventional means. According to current doctors and scientists, the conventional approach is mostly antiquated but continues because of the profits it produces for big pharma. 

Warning - Time is not on your side

I Hope you came here today because you want to know of an alternative way that will bypass all of this and provide you a way to stop your cancer and keep it from recurring. I am suggesting a proven natural method that quickly stops cancer in it's tracks.

But before I continue I want you to understand that I am not talking about your doctor instructing you to go take a one-a-day vitamin and your cancer will go away. That's just plain funny! We are talking about a whole different natural approach. Vitamins do play an important roll but not super charging your immune systems to kill cancer cells. This involves numerous high potency, high quality natural products to achieve that task.

There are manufacturers throughout the world that provide products that are specifically targeted toward cancer. You won't hear about these on the news, big pharma or even find them in your local health food store.  

Now I can honestly say to anyone, "I have the 'Answer To Cancer' and there is hope."

'AnswerToCancer' members follow the same natural approach given by many of the natural doctors that are experiencing a 90% rate of success but cost much less.

Just remember, every day that you let your cancer spread without a natural approach, the percentage of success will decrease, taking longer to resolve.

I want to thank you for reading this far. It shows that you are serious. The next step is to put you on the right path regardless of what stage you are in and the cancer you have. We have seen success from this approach over and over again for 10 years. 

Don't be too concerned about the type of cancer you have. All are very similar except lung and brain cancer, just a different schedule. We look for real verifiable success in 45 days. And you get to keep the hair!

Now those 3 words don't sound so bad after all do they?

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My Best To You,
Robert Ingham