Answer To Cancer


About Us

'Answer To Cancer' consist of private individuals who gather factual information about cancer and other degenerative diseases from conventional and alternative sources, both public and private. This truth is then passed on to our members to enlighten them on these important issues so they can be in a position to make an informed, intelligent decision to combat their cancer.

'Answer To Cancer' goal is to distribute the REAL medical truth about cancer 
to everyone in all countries around the globe.

'Answer To Cancer' and all of us that are in this cancer campaign believe that the value of life is more important than gaining political power and money. We strongly believe that empowering the people will eventually result in triumph

'Answer To Cancer' is comprised of people just like you. We possess massive amounts of scientifically backed references and documents from medical 
studies, both conventional and alternative. Our members have access to much of this condensed information and is included in the Premium Members Guide. 

'Answer To Cancer' provides a guide to premium members. The guides content is to make recommendations on quickly getting cancer stopped and helping the member back to health using The Natural Answer methods. However, we are not against the conventional medical community and further realize the importance of your doctor. Therefore, we will never attempt to override any advise given by a registered physician.